A Perfect Winter Day!

It has been an unusually snowy winter this year in the Midwest with our area receiving more than two feet of snow before the New Year (normally, the snow doesn’t start to fall until after the holiday).  We could let it get us down, or we could take it in stride and celebrate how our employee parking lot has turned into a winter wonderland.

Perhaps a slice of life blog?  Should we showcase how we clean our cars before driving home?

It’s always good to clean the entire vehicle, so that the snow doesn’t drift off the roof, hood, or trunk and obscure the vision for yourself or another driver while you’re on the road.

It’s a clean machine!

Hmm, that was fun.  Why not create a winter meme for the Global Resources’ Facebook page?  Kenny, one of our awesome maintenance pros, was kind enough to assist in crafting a message.

“We Heart…”



Check out the completed meme on Facebook!