Expanding Our Healthy Vending Choices

Healthly Eating

We were delighted to have Nicole from Mastercraft Coffee & Vending take over our conference room to share a selection of healthy vending machine choices.







There was a broad array of beverages, entrees and snacks presented during our lunch hour.  Employees had the opportunity to taste items as well as evaluate their nutrition and pricing.  As the Mastercraft website points out, “people must first like the taste of a healthy item, or they will not purchase that selection.”


Taste-testing, it’s hard work, but someone has…

Global Resources Reviews: Back On Track

Back on Track


A client from a second-generation, family run construction firm, now specializing in modular housing, took the leap and retained Global Resources for a corporate turn-around project.  “I was ready to throw in the towel and quit operating my business until my first meeting with Global Resources, when I decided to give it one last effort.”


The Global Resources consultant focused on returning the business to profitability, analyzing operations and facilitating improvements. “From the first week with our consultant, we were back on track and moving ahead.  In four weeks that we have worked together, I have seen

The Greenest Office

Peeking Behind a Peace Lily

Here at Global Resources, we’re well aware that interior plants may improve concentration as well as increase productivity and reduce stress according to research.  This is why we employ a plant service to take care of select ‘rent-to-kill’ plants that are placed throughout our building.  There is one office, however, which boasts much more than the usual amount of greenery.

Plants also aid in hiding from pesky photographers!

One might even say that it suggests a greenhouse with lush plants trailing off desks and file cabinets.  The office belongs to Randi…

Global Resources Reviews: Stopped Every Leak!

Stopped Every Leak


The client, from a full-service roofing and gutter contracting firm, was no stranger to business consulting services as he’d had a very positive experience, in the past, which had helped his previous company reach $28 million in a year.  Global Resources, however, surpassed his expectations with the team’s thorough attention to every detail of his operations.  “I wanted my executives to really start thinking and behaving like executives.  NOT only did Global Resources achieve this for me, but GR backed it up with actual tools that enhance every aspect of a profitably operating company.”

Going Above and Beyond!

Andrea After Cropped

At Global Resources LLC, we all believe in giving back to our community, whether it’s money, possessions, or time.  We’re proud to recognize a few members of our team who go even further, Andrea, Jennifer and Rick.  These three have donated their hair to create wigs either for women fighting cancer, through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, or for children suffering with any medical conditions which result in hair loss, via Locks for Love.

Andrea Before Donating

The reasons that these three donated their hair are remarkably similar.  For Andrea, it was just feeling that…

Global Resources Reviews: Well Worth It

Well Worth It


An industrial packaging company contracted with Global Resources seeking operational improvements, but with some trepidation.  “One concern, of course, was cost.  But more importantly, I was concerned about opening up my business, and myself, to outside scrutiny, to changing the ways that we did business and how this would affect my company, my staff, my customers and myself.”


“I must say that the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.” Their GR consultant, “worked with me and my staff regarding every aspect of our business.  Personnel decisions, work flow, receivables, professional development and many more areas were put under

Behind The Scenes: Prepping For Our 2014 Annual Meeting

Kimmie Works on Assembling the Folders

Global Resources’ Annual Meeting is just around the corner and Kim and Sarah are hard at working assembling all the nametags, handouts and folders to be distributed to our attendees.  It’s a long, extremely detail-orientated process that involves box after box of materials to be sorted and arranged.  Temporary tables line the hallway for this time intensive task.

Hats off to Kim and Sarah for managing this great paper trail!


Global Resources Reviews: Truth in Advertising



A plumbing contractor, specializing in septic and leaching system installation, maintenance and repair for nearly 15 years, was ‘first skeptical of the phone call” telling him that Global Resources had the key to what his business needed.

“I knew the direction that I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there.  Having been working nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I was literally at my wit’s end.”

He then had a visit from two analysts who further assured him that “we would not be disappointed.”

Showing Appreciation on Valentine’s Day!

Feeling appreciated

Coworkers at Global Resources celebrate Valentine’s Day by using it to express appreciation for each others’ hard work all year long.

One of our road-warrior consultants surprised his entire corporate support team with lovely vases of flowers.


The ladies in the finance department wore red and decorated their offices with Valentine Day balloons.


They also had a special visitor, who (before leaving to go to school) handed out valentines and gift bags!


Global Resources Reviews: Saved Our Lives



“Prior to Global Resources arrival, I felt like the Captain on a sinking ship, arranging the deck chairs as my ship is slowly disappearing on the horizon and headed towards the bottom of the sea.  I truly believe that our consultant saved our lives,” stated the owner of auto body shop which has been offering a full range of collision repair for over 40 years.


The client was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly the Global Resources team arrived in order to “turn my business around.” His consultant taught him how to effectively manage his company and…