A Change In Wage Culture

What does a business owner do when his customer service ratings plummet, when his employees’ morale drops, and when the company productivity declines? Some companies take an extremely radical course and give their employees a raise. Guess what; their strategy worked! It was recently reported that Walmart (with 1.3 million people employed in the United States) did just that.

For the first time in its long history, Walmart began experiencing a decline in sales in 2014. They had also received a damning negative stock recommendation from Wall Street analysts, who projected a steady decline in corporate profits.  Walmart, under…

Incivility And The Message

Who Turned The Lights On?

Over the past ten years, the business world has exploded with the creation of companies that utilize an incredibly wide array of innovative, world changing ideas. These companies soared to the top of market capitalization value faster than businesses in the United States had ever grown, and their growth is only just beginning.

They have redefined business models, business practices, as well as asset and personnel utilization. A veritable business and social revolution has occurred.

On-line retailers, like Amazon.com, have changed how America goes shopping. Anything and everything a person would want is now available on-line and offered by thousands…

What Are My Chances?


In 2014 Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, challenged the betting world by announcing his own bracket contest for the Annual March Madness; The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. He offered $1 Billion to anyone who correctly picked the winner of each of the tournament’s 63 games. Each year hundreds of thousands of people make their picks in brackets offered a variety of different places—from the office pools to the March Madness junkies, through major newspapers and sports channels. Mr. Buffet’s bracket challenge had an extremely large payoff, but only for perfection. There are winners in the rest of the pools,…

A Skill For Success


A philosopher long ago, proffered, “We wander through life not really knowing our neighbors, and then, by something they do by some word they uttered, as if through a bolt of lightning, their inner soul is momentarily laid open and we see who they really are.”

This trip we take every day, through our personal, working and social lives, entails interfacing with people, many who we do not know well, and some not at all. Life, both personal and business, is all about human interdependency and connectivity. As a result, a person’s ability to perceive, understand and respect the…

“Not Now!”

“As soon as I finish this, we’ll address that issue.”

“I’ll do that tomorrow.”

I haven’t decided yet.”

“That can wait.”

“I’ll get to it when I can.”

“If I only had more time…”

Have you ever caught yourself using one of these excuses? Or heard your boss use them with you or a colleague? If you answered yes, you are not alone. We are all guilty to varying degrees of this common, but costly practice of putting things off. Everyone procrastinates at one time or another. When a particular task seems unpleasant or undesirable, we tend to put it…

Global Resources Reviews: I Had Taken My Business As Far As I Could…

Global Resources Reviews


The client owned a luxury used car dealership and he hired Global Resources for an operations tune-up to assist him in managing the growth of his business.

“I have been running my company since 2008 and have grown the business to $8MM turnover, since then.  When I was contacted by Global Resources, I was at the point where I felt that I had taken my business as far as I could.

I was being held back by limited business systems knowledge and had issues with procedures, pathways and delegation.”


Celebrating The 4th At Global Resources!


Happy Birthday, America!  We anticipated our holiday weekend with an awesome 4th of July potluck lunch.  The festivities started early with Deb’s firecracker cupcakes.  These cleverly themed treats were filled with Pop Rocks candy (the fuses were black licorice ropes) and they had to be consumed, immediately, if we wanted to experience the cakes exploding like firecrackers in our mouth!

Snap, crackle, pop—Happy 4th of July!
Only a couple cupcakes remained by the start of lunch!

We kidded Joe that he had prepared ‘Magic Mike Baked Beans.’

Our appetites…

The Risk Of Being Satisfied With The Status Quo

Beer & Baseball 1

After Prohibition ended, there were two prominent family breweries in St. Louis, the Busch family (that controlled Anheuser-Busch) and the Griesedieck family.  The Griesediecks, at that time, operated two different breweries, Griesedieck Bros. Brewing Company and Falstaff Brewing Company.  The two entities would later become one company under the Falstaff name.  While unknown today, in the 1960’s, Falstaff outsold Budweiser by a 50% margin in St. Louis in a battle of the local beer brands and, at the height of its popularity, it was the third largest selling beer in the United States—a fact, that, most likely, surprises many of…

GR Reviews: Now Able To Focus On What Is Important!

Global Resources Client Review


The client was a family business involved in the manufacture of a specialty food product.  Global Resources was brought in to improve operations via the professional development of the GM and his management team.


“We are a family company with many members throughout the company.  This makes change very difficult and stressful for some.  The Global Resources consultant was able to share his knowledge and understanding of how change happens and ‘here is how it has been resolved’ based on other situations that he had been involved in.

During our weekly meetings, we developed