“Not Now!”

“As soon as I finish this, we’ll address that issue.”

“I’ll do that tomorrow.”

I haven’t decided yet.”

“That can wait.”

“I’ll get to it when I can.”

“If I only had more time…”

Have you ever caught yourself using one of these excuses? Or heard your boss use them with you or a colleague? If you answered yes, you are not alone. We are all guilty to varying degrees of this common, but costly practice of putting things off. Everyone procrastinates at one time or another. When a particular task seems unpleasant or undesirable, we tend to put it…

Global Resources Reviews: I Had Taken My Business As Far As I Could…

Global Resources Reviews


The client owned a luxury used car dealership and he hired Global Resources for an operations tune-up to assist him in managing the growth of his business.

“I have been running my company since 2008 and have grown the business to $8MM turnover, since then.  When I was contacted by Global Resources, I was at the point where I felt that I had taken my business as far as I could.

I was being held back by limited business systems knowledge and had issues with procedures, pathways and delegation.”


Celebrating The 4th At Global Resources!


Happy Birthday, America!  We anticipated our holiday weekend with an awesome 4th of July potluck lunch.  The festivities started early with Deb’s firecracker cupcakes.  These cleverly themed treats were filled with Pop Rocks candy (the fuses were black licorice ropes) and they had to be consumed, immediately, if we wanted to experience the cakes exploding like firecrackers in our mouth!

Snap, crackle, pop—Happy 4th of July!
Only a couple cupcakes remained by the start of lunch!

We kidded Joe that he had prepared ‘Magic Mike Baked Beans.’

Our appetites…

The Risk Of Being Satisfied With The Status Quo

Beer & Baseball 1

After Prohibition ended, there were two prominent family breweries in St. Louis, the Busch family (that controlled Anheuser-Busch) and the Griesedieck family.  The Griesediecks, at that time, operated two different breweries, Griesedieck Bros. Brewing Company and Falstaff Brewing Company.  The two entities would later become one company under the Falstaff name.  While unknown today, in the 1960’s, Falstaff outsold Budweiser by a 50% margin in St. Louis in a battle of the local beer brands and, at the height of its popularity, it was the third largest selling beer in the United States—a fact, that, most likely, surprises many of…

GR Reviews: Now Able To Focus On What Is Important!

Global Resources Client Review


The client was a family business involved in the manufacture of a specialty food product.  Global Resources was brought in to improve operations via the professional development of the GM and his management team.


“We are a family company with many members throughout the company.  This makes change very difficult and stressful for some.  The Global Resources consultant was able to share his knowledge and understanding of how change happens and ‘here is how it has been resolved’ based on other situations that he had been involved in.

During our weekly meetings, we developed

How To Avoid Bad Management Decisions: The AT&T Case Study

AT&T - Bad Decision

We say that every business owner needs, from time-to-time, a third-party objective analysis to avoid serious mistakes, keep his business on track, and take advantage of an opportunity that he otherwise could miss.

While there are many examples of business executives failing to heed this wise advice, one of the more striking examples involved the executives from the original AT&T.  It’s important to keep in mind that when referring to AT&T in this article, I am referring not to the AT&T that we know today, but the executives of the nation-wide monopoly that provided all U.S. local telephone service. …

Global Resources Reviews: Ready For Breakthrough Improvement!

GR - Ready For Breakthrough


The clients, co-founders of a retail and tradeshow fixture design firm, needing to facilitate real change in their business, recognized that “although, we are the owners and we possess a great many skills, expertise, and abilities in a variety of fields, we also have limitations.” Change management training to achieve their organizational objectives was required.  They, therefore, sought to “partner with someone outside the company who possesses the knowledge and experience to coach us and mentor our staff through the change process.  In this case, it was Global Resources, LLC.”


Their GR…

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

Wake Up 1

Sometimes the difference between success or failure is simply having the wisdom to seek an outside opinion. The one thing that you can’t provide, yourself, is an objective point of view.  No matter how smart you are, your viewpoint will always be subjective.

In business, not having this impartial, third-party perspective, on occasion, can lead to failure. Failure doesn’t have to mean closing your doors; failure could be missing an important business opportunity, or, perhaps, the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thirty years ago, if you asked a person what brand came to mind when you said the word ‘coffee,’ he…

Global Resources Celebrates Memorial Day With A Picnic!

Holding a Cupcake

The recruiting department at Global Resources organized an office ‘picnic’ before leaving to enjoy the 3-day weekend.  In honor of Memorial Day, it was an all American picnic, serving grilled brats and hotdogs (kept warm using a couple crockpots) with all the traditional sides and toppings.  There were baked beans, potato salad, Joe’s amazing pasta salad (see the recipe on our Facebook page) and an array of tempting desserts!

Shout out to Kerri and Deb for organizing this event!

A couple ‘before’ shots…

Before, everything was totally devoured!

Filling up a plate!


Looking Forward To Running A Profitable Business!

GR - Looking Forward To Running


This Global Resources client, the owner of roofing and siding company for over 20 years, was seeking guidance in determining whether the business was operating at a loss or making a profit.  “My background was in roof installations and what little I know about running a business came from the school of hard knocks. I have survived, but I was always behind on my bills, or a job short of breaking even. I never knew if I truly was making or losing money.”


The Global Resources consultant worked on refining and streamlining operations and finances.  He…