Global Resources Celebrates Memorial Day With A Picnic!

Holding a Cupcake

The recruiting department at Global Resources organized an office ‘picnic’ before leaving to enjoy the 3-day weekend.  In honor of Memorial Day, it was an all American picnic, serving grilled brats and hotdogs (kept warm using a couple crockpots) with all the traditional sides and toppings.  There were baked beans, potato salad, Joe’s amazing pasta salad (see the recipe on our Facebook page) and an array of tempting desserts!

Shout out to Kerri and Deb for organizing this event!

A couple ‘before’ shots…

Before, everything was totally devoured!

Filling up a plate!


Looking Forward To Running A Profitable Business!

GR - Looking Forward To Running


This Global Resources client, the owner of roofing and siding company for over 20 years, was seeking guidance in determining whether the business was operating at a loss or making a profit.  “My background was in roof installations and what little I know about running a business came from the school of hard knocks. I have survived, but I was always behind on my bills, or a job short of breaking even. I never knew if I truly was making or losing money.”


The Global Resources consultant worked on refining and streamlining operations and finances.  He…

Global Resources – Splish, Splash, We Had A Blast!

Bowl of Favors Color Corrected

A Baby Shower requires favors!  Kerri poses with the favors that she created
for our event (she used Avery 5160 address labels and Hershey’s Nuggets).  Yum!

Global Resources held a ‘Baby Shower Drive’ collecting boxes of donations to benefit the Teen Parent Connection, an organization that empowers young families (providing support, education, and resources that will prevent child abuse and neglect among this at-risk population) while working at preventing teen pregnancy (parents who have successfully completed the program go on to speak at area schools and community events, educating teenagers about the harsh realities of…

Global Resources Reviews: Moving Forward With Confidence

GR - Moving Forward Cropped


This client, a sanitation product/service provider for food and beverage plants, engaged Global Resources for assistance in handling the issues that arise from managing rapid corporate growth.


“Our Global Resources consultant has given us fantastic tools to help our business.

We now have a budget to help with all the new growth that we are now experiencing, which includes moving into a new building and opening a satellite location in another state!

We can move forward with confidence that both of these projects will go smoothly.”

Additionally, the consultant provided a full…

What Is A Benefit Or ‘B’ Corporation?

B Image

Previously, when a new business was formed, there were only two legal entity structures to pursue, either your organization was for profit or it was a nonprofit.  That is no longer the case with the development of the Benefit or ‘B’ Corporation.  In the simplest terms, a Benefit Corporation exists in the nebulous middle.  This allows a corporation to be for profit as well as for the benefit of some worthy social or environmental commitment.

Per ‘The For-Benefit Enterprise’ article by Heerad Sabeti, Harvard Business Review (November 2011):

In the past several decades…

Global Resources Reviews: Help To Achieve My Goals

GR - Help To Achieve


Global Resources was brought in by the owner of a restaurant and specialty food market, who had been in business for over fifteen years, looking for assistance in reaching the next level of growth.


Having a bilingual Global Resources consultant was important for the success of this enhancement project.  As the client explained, “that made things easier for everyone, as some of my employees don’t speak English and the consultant was able to talk to them, ask questions, and also explain to them what we were working on and all the benefits that this will

Global Resources Reviews: Wished I’d Hired GR Ten Years Ago!

GR - Wished



The client who operated a new and used car dealership, which also offered car rentals along with a parts, service and auto body shop, engaged Global Resources for some general business enhancements. 


“My analyst and consultant were very professional.

They were able to communicate with an old guy, like me, without using big words that I couldn’t understand.

My consultant was awesome and he was able to go over things at a level that we could comprehend. He also worked with us without interfering with our daily work.”


“I wish that I could

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter From Global Resources!

Sarah shows off her daffidils

The Global Resources’ office was made more cheery with seasonal decorations as we celebrated spring and Easter!   Pastel fans in solids, stripes, and jelly bean patterns were strung from our ceiling.  Bunnies, baskets, and fresh flowers have brightened our desks along with holiday candy!

Sarah, Randi, and Kim decorate for Easter!

Jen assembles a fan.

Jeremy volunteers to hang the decorations for the ladies!

Sophie checks out some of the Easter décor in Tina’s office.

A carrot patch offers a harvest of paperclips!

Tina, herself, crafted this…

We All Celebrated On Kimmie’s Birthday!

Working at Global Resources LLC

Kimmie’s desk was decorated with Mary Jane candies
(her favorite—they taste like peanut butter)!

Birthdays are always a fun occasion at Global Resources, as we like to surprise the birthday person with a decorated workspace; but Kimmie’s birthday was even more joyous, because she brought in her world famous Taco Dip!  This festive spread is not only tasty, but healthy, with plenty of fresh chopped veggies.  Check out those vine-ripened tomatoes!


Thanks, Kimmie, for making this the happiest birthday at GR!

Global Resources Reviews: A Fast Paced Intro To Business

Global Resources Customer Reviews



An independent wholesale petroleum distributor, in business for 30 years, needed Global Resources to assist in setting up and implementing an exit strategy and management transition plan, allowing the owner, Jim, to retire and his son, Jeff, to successfully take over daily operations.


“Jeff has experienced a fast-paced introduction to business terminology and business concepts. He has had many conversations with our Global Resources consultant on important business issues. Probably, of greatest value were the discussions concerning the complex issue of pricing, appropriately.

With his help, we have determined several helpful