Global Resources Reviews: Top Scores

Top Scores


A husband and wife in automotive repair and custom race fabrication services had gone though an engagement with Global Resources and they were now experiencing some setbacks.  When their consultant learned of their difficulties via a phone conversation, he responded quickly, returning to their place of business for a tune-up.

“Betty and I had not taken advantage of reaching out to our Global Resources consultant.  Due to our own preconceived ideas, we had failed to obtain the help that we desperately needed by using the resources that were available to us.”


Varro Has Been Vested!

Varro's Vest

Everyone at Global Resources was excited to learn that Varro now has his own bulletproof vest.


We had hosted an online fundraiser for him last fall, collecting the needed $2,500.00 for a top-of-the-line vest via our coworkers and the Wauconda community (where Varro serves), at large.  We had to wait, however, until Varro reached his full adult size to be fitted with a vest.  Now Varro is able to enjoy the same level of protection as human officers!

We’re already organizing our next fundraiser to assist another local K-9.  Be aware that there are…

Global Resources Reviews: A Positive Impact

A Positive Impact


Global Resources’ business consulting services were engaged to assist with finance/administration, sales and operations for a well-established software company.


Client shared that their GR consultant “had such a positive impact on our company.  He initially started working in QuickBooks and helped us arrive at a true ‘Cost of Goods Sold.’  In a matter of a few weeks, our books were in the best shape that they have ever been in our 34 years of existence.”

Next, the consultant tackled sales.  “He was instrumental in reorganizing sales.  He quickly identified the issues with our sales

Can A Blood Drive Be Warm & Fuzzy?

Big Smile Before Donating

If your company has ever hosted a blood drive for the American Red Cross, you’re aware that it’s not an easy sell, such as a bake sale—mmm, warm homemade chocolate chip cookies, or even asking for a cash donation for a charity.  It involves blood and needles.  It’s a personal sacrifice.

You Just Need a Spokespuppet!

We wanted to soften the clinical message of the Red Cross supplied flyers and make our blood drive much friendlier and more approachable—dare we say, even warm & fuzzy…  Enter our promotional inspiration from Sesame Street!

We still shared the all important…

Global Resources Reviews: I, Personally, Have Grown

I Personal


A plumbing company retained Global Resources for a corporate restructuring project, a challenge, since “our group is definitely a tough nut to crack.”


Their Global Resources consultant “was relentless in working with everyone to have the proper weekly and monthly reporting, in place.  This reporting has yielded a better view of daily trends.  Since we’re functioning off such a tight budget, at the moment, we needed a different view to zero in on the areas lacking cost control.  Although, we had to work a bit harder, in the first couple of months after the controls were

Global Resources Reviews: Made Tremendous Strides

Made Tremendous


A firm offering residential and commercial HVAC services employed Global Resources to develop their five year business plan and “help my company achieve managed and profitable growth.”


Among the projects that the Global Resources consultant implemented was “an effective new marketing plan, sales proposal, pricing matrix, profit sharing incentive plan and identified financial areas to reduce overhead.  He led my management team through new processes, so that we will be able to use these tools to produce the desired results.”

The “changes will result in smoother operations, increased residential market share, new maintenance contracts

Another Blooming Birthday!

Sarah poses next to her Birthday wallflowers

Balloon flowers brightened our office space for Sarah’s birthday.


We all gathered around when it was time for Sarah to open her cards and gifts.


Opening Pandora’s box!  Sarah’s present from all of us—several
lovely Pandora charms to add to her charm bracelet.


Special thanks to Kim for organizing this birthday bash!

Global Resources Reviews: Solar Start-Up, Needed Business Guidance

Global Resources provided business consulting services to this energy industry client.


This energy company “was a place where we were all working very hard and getting nowhere.  A lot of work was being done, but we weren’t making enough money to keep our head above water, financially speaking.  We are all very smart people with an idea that we should be able to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the solar industry to make a profitable company.  We know solar, but we just couldn’t seem to make all the pieces come together.  We lacked focus and business experience.”

“As a last resort, I hired the team from

Global Resources Reviews: Tackling The Challenge Of Change



A commercial flooring contractor engaged Global Resources for a business practices consultation.  “In looking back through fifteen years of operating as a commercial floor covering company and seeing our many short-comings throughout those years, I am amazed that are still in business.”


Their Global Resources consultant “has been a patient teacher and mentor during his time with us, maintaining a pleasant and cooperative demeanor and attitude throughout our time together, even during periods when frustration and anger came to the forefront from challenged employees.

Change is a challenging event in itself, at times, and

Global Resources Reviews: No Longer Complacent

No Longer


Although it was “a struggle, at the beginning,” this client in the construction industry, brought in Global Resources to address restructuring that was needed for future growth.  “It wasn’t easy to accept that there were so many areas that could use improvement.”

“We had become quite complacent in our 62 years of conducting business in the usual manner, so to speak.”


The Global Resources’ consultants “have helped us to establish new procedures that will enable us to be much more efficient with our time, production, accounting, sales, sales management and, essentially, every aspect of