6 Ways For Your Business To Beat The Flu

Small Business Flu Prevention 101

Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to the flu!

Flu season runs from October to May.  While the news may be filled with Ebola stories, the reality of the situation is that seasonal flu is far more likely to disrupt your business.  Per the www.Flu.gov website, “each flu season, nearly 11 million workdays are lost due to the flu.  That equals approximately $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.”  Unlike Ebola, there are preventive measures that you can take as a business owner to protect your employees, your company, and…

Global Resources Reviews: Retirement Is Finally Feasible

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners


A wholesale grocery supplier contracted with Global Resources for a business enhancement project with one major objective—a viable exit plan.

“If someone told me 22 years ago that the business I started, at the time, would survive and become what it is today, I probably would have laughed.  I consider luck, opportunity, strategy, along with working hard and being focused, as the factors that have contributed to what we are now.

I value this success, dearly, and my wish of having the management team to be able to run the business, after my retirement, has

Even Scarier Than Last Year!

Halloween Jack O Lantern

The finance department has once again turned their office area into a haunted attraction.  Jack o’ lanterns glow, monsters lurk above, and desks are under attack from giant spiders.  Shout out to Wonder for organizing all the decorations!

Global Resources Reviews: The Sky’s The Limit!

The Sky's The Limit


A client owning a neighbor bar, restaurant and live music venue with two popular locations had a trusted business associate recommend Global Resources to assist with their organizational improvements.


“We were a bit skeptical, due to our past experiences with other consulting firms,” but their GR analyst hit the ground, running.  “We were shown some cold hard facts that we’ve mismanaged a lot of our resources over the past 11 years that we’ve been in business.  I was most impressed with how quickly and concisely that he was able to explain everything.  Other firms that

New Healthier Vending Arrives At GR!

Healthier Beverage Choices Thumbnail

It was with great anticipation that we watched our new vending machines being installed and then filled with healthier beverage, snack and meal selections.  While we had the opportunity to taste-test a selection of the healthy menu items provided by Mastercraft, earlier in the year, we couldn’t wait to have full access on a daily basis!

Many choices recall the popular ‘Eat This, Not That!’ book series, offering healthier versions of our favorite impulse vending choices.  There something to accommodate every type of diet restriction imaginable from sugar free, low sugar, corn syrup free, artificial sweetener free, caffeine free, low…

Global Resources Reviews: A True Business Partner

QuickBooks Business Consulting


The owners of a well established convenience store engaged Global Resources for a project, because “we knew that we needed assistance since our profits had diminished over the last year.  We also were not full taking advantage of our QuickBooks system, just using it for writing checks.”


The Global Resources’ consultant “quickly helped us to identify where we needed to change and, together, we put a plan in place to improve our business.

We looked at every aspect of the store, from building a new sales plan, making changes to the Deli operation, increasing prices, establishing

Sopheee Haz A LOLcats Birthday!

I is cute Its mines birthdays

It was all about cuteness as we channeled LOLcat memes to celebrate Sophie’s birthday!

Love cat grammar and spelling!

Happy Birthday, Sophie, from all us cool cats!


Global Resources Reviews: On Track To Double Sales

On Track To Double Sales


Global Resources was engaged to resolve some ugly sales and operations problems for this client.  “My operation was not very pretty on the outside or even up close,” shared the founder and owner of a firm offering residential and commercial building and remodeling services.


After analysis and evaluation of existing procedures and processes, the Global Resources consultant working on implementation of solutions to not only spruce up the corporate curb appeal, but to create the foundation and the functionality needed for long term growth.

“She has helped us to develop a cash flow management system, which we

Global Resources Provides Toys For Children In The ER!

Thank You Photo

Some of the toys that were purchased.

Toys are great tool to help alleviate a child’s suffering in the ER when possibly facing invasive procedures such as IV starts, X-rays, spinal taps, stitches or devastating news.

Kim’s daughter Amanda works in the Pediatric Emergency Department of Central DuPage Hospital and she made us aware that there was a shortage of toys specifically meant to engage children who visit there for treatment.

Amanda and her son, Dominic, collect a donation from Jen.

Due to a high volume of autistic cases, specific toys/games/arts & craft materials were required…

Global Resources Reviews: Motivated To Become Better



Global Resources’ assistance was required by a client providing drywall contracting services in order to take the company to the next stage of its development.


It was total immersion as the Global Resources consultant taught everything from budget planning to production performance to the amount of sales needed to make a profit.  “Gross margin and key indicators were all new to me.  Part of me wonders how we have survived up until now!  All of these things should help us to move our company to a new level that will be a legacy for our children to