Global Resources Reviews: Help To Achieve My Goals

GR - Help To Achieve


Global Resources was brought in by the owner of a restaurant and specialty food market, who had been in business for over fifteen years, looking for assistance in reaching the next level of growth.


Having a bilingual Global Resources consultant was important for the success of this enhancement project.  As the client explained, “that made things easier for everyone, as some of my employees don’t speak English and the consultant was able to talk to them, ask questions, and also explain to them what we were working on and all the benefits that this will

Global Resources Reviews: Wished I’d Hired GR Ten Years Ago!

GR - Wished



The client operated a new and used car dealership, which also offered car rentals along with a parts, service and auto body shop, engaged Global Resources for some general business enhancements. 


“My analyst and consultant were very professional.

They were able to communicate with an old guy, like me, without using big words that I couldn’t understand.

My consultant was awesome and he was able to go over things at a level that we could comprehend. He also worked with us without interfering with our daily work.”


“I wish that I could have

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter From Global Resources!

Sarah shows off her daffidils

The Global Resources’ office was made more cheery with seasonal decorations as we celebrated spring and Easter!   Pastel fans in solids, stripes, and jelly bean patterns were strung from our ceiling.  Bunnies, baskets, and fresh flowers have brightened our desks along with holiday candy!

Sarah, Randi, and Kim decorate for Easter!

Jen assembles a fan.

Jeremy volunteers to hang the decorations for the ladies!

Sophie checks out some of the Easter décor in Tina’s office.

A carrot patch offers a harvest of paperclips!

Tina, herself, crafted this…

We All Celebrated On Kimmie’s Birthday!

Working at Global Resources LLC

Kimmie’s desk was decorated with Mary Jane candies
(her favorite—they taste like peanut butter)!

Birthdays are always a fun occasion at Global Resources, as we like to surprise the birthday person with a decorated workspace; but Kimmie’s birthday was even more joyous, because she brought in her world famous Taco Dip!  This festive spread is not only tasty, but healthy, with plenty of fresh chopped veggies.  Check out those vine-ripened tomatoes!


Thanks, Kimmie, for making this the happiest birthday at GR!

Global Resources Reviews: A Fast Paced Intro To Business

Global Resources Customer Reviews



An independent wholesale petroleum distributor, in business for 30 years, needed Global Resources to assist in setting up and implementing an exit strategy and management transition plan, allowing the owner, Jim, to retire and his son, Jeff, to successfully take over daily operations.


“Jeff has experienced a fast-paced introduction to business terminology and business concepts. He has had many conversations with our Global Resources consultant on important business issues. Probably, of greatest value were the discussions concerning the complex issue of pricing, appropriately.

With his help, we have determined several helpful

Enjoying The First Signs Of Green!

Bringing the Balloons to the Cafeteria

It’s been a long winter in the Midwest and here at Global Resources, we eagerly awaited the first signs of green…

Depictions of Shamrocks, buckle adorned top hats and dancing leprechauns are now appearing throughout the office along with a multitude of green shades worn by our coworkers.  Kelly green, forest green, mint green, even neon green items of attire have cheered the sight of those long accustomed to the overcast grey of snow, sheet and slush.

Forget ‘spring ahead,’ the true harbinger of Spring is not the time change, but the celebration of St. Pat’s!

Making Your Website Your Small Business Showroom

Bathroom Showroom

A showroom is a well understood concept for business owners who offer furniture and home décor as well as home construction/remodeling products and services.  It just makes sense to offer a space to entice customers who want to experience your products and services, one-on-one.

When buying a faucet, for example, a customer may desire to touch the handles, see the faucet’s proportion in relation to a sink, perhaps fall in love with a carefully presented vignette and purchase the entire display—the matching towel racks, vanity, sink, mirror, light fixtures, etc.  Customers often are unable to envision how a finished…

Global Resources Reviews: Being Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Construction Client Global Resources Reviews


The client was the third generation owner of a construction business, founded in 1950, providing custom concrete work to residential and commercial clients.

“I decided to use Global Resources in order to improve profitability, primarily, through improved internal communications and defined accountability for each key position. We also wanted to be better able to reward those employees making the greatest contributions relative to individual performance and budget targets.  Although, the business has been profitable, we were continuing to operate by reacting, often unprofessionally, to current challenges.

We also knew that we needed to significantly improve

Birthdays Are A Blast At Global Resources!


Turning a year older is actually a lot of fun at Global Resources!  Our corporate culture embraces having the work space decorated to celebrate your special day (although, if you’d rather not be featured in such festivities, your wishes are quietly respected).

Coworkers are continually flexing their creativity to come up with unique decorating themes that are personal and meaningful to the recipients.  Favorite colors, fashion (a fondness for zebra print, for example) or pets may be featured.  Desks, doors, and hallways are often festooned with streamers, banners and balloons; so that anyone walking by knows that it’s your…

Global Resources Reviews: ‘YES, WE CAN!!!’

Global Resources LLC Review


The client was a commercial builder whose firm specialized in steel buildings design and construction for over 20 years.  “I was excited, yet, skeptical when Global Resources crossed my path. To realize that my dreams and goals were obtainable, systematically, reasonably, and in the timeframe needed, was almost too good to be true. I already knew the basic things that were keeping us from being a thoroughly professional company, operating at the top of our market, but I didn’t know how to make the needed changes.”


From the very first meeting…