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To apply for the Business Consultant position, submit your resumes to:

Business Consultants with Global Resources have the opportunity to dramatically impact the quality of life for clients, client employees and their families as well. Consultants impart the knowledge and experience gained through years of senior management and/or business ownership to the client and the client’s key personnel, to bring about improvement in the overall operation and bottom line performance.

The role of the Business Consultant at Global Resources:

Entrepreneurs begin with a dream and the vision of providing a product or service, jobs to the community and a comfortable standard of living for their families. Business plans may be developed, but they seldom include contingency plans for the pitfalls that will be experienced in the future. Changes in the workforce, marketplace and economy may have both positive and negative effects on the path of the dream. Our Senior Business Consultants offer the direction necessary to get the client back on course. Modifications are recommended and implemented by the Senior Business Consultant, based on their experience and creativity, and the needs of the business.

Requirements of the Global Resources Business Consultant:

We hire experienced, take charge, outgoing professionals who are seeking an opportunity to share their life work with our clients. We require: a Bachelor’s Degree, 10+ years of mid to upper level management experience, basic computer skills (knowledge of Word and Excel required), and the ability to read and interpret financial reports. Senior Business Consultants must be able to problem solve and apply solutions to the client’s operation. The ability to work independently is essential.

This position requires extensive travel; travel being defined as any destination in excess of 80 miles from your home, and extensive being defined as travel out Sunday evening, returning home Friday evening. Your travel destination may be anywhere in the United States or Canada. Global Resources coordinates your flight arrangements and prepays your ticket to each assignment.

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