Global Resources, LLC Reviews: Changes Have Made An Immediate and Positive Impact On Our Business


A restaurant owner was in need of a turn-around.  He’d owned his establishment for seven years, but he had experienced a steady decline in business over the last five years and he didn’t know “what, or how, to do whatever was needed to turn it around.”


The Global Resources consultant worked with the owner to identify major problems and attitudes that needed to be addressed.  Additionally, the necessary procedures and guidelines were set up to make the required corrections.


“Last month was the first month that we’ve had sales numbers that exceeded our last year’s numbers in four years.  We’ve also experienced much quicker ticket times on our food orders.  We’ve nearly eliminated tardiness and absenteeism and cut overtime to a quarter of what it used to be, all of this with good attitudes by those affected.

My stress level is near zero and I’m excited to continue working on all the lists of things that I have to do to bring in more business.  This is the first time, in years, that it’s been a pleasure to come into work.

Again, I couldn’t be happier and I will be working with Global Resources in the future.” Rick, Owner.