Global Resources Reviews: ‘YES, WE CAN!!!’

Global Resources LLC Review


The client was a commercial builder whose firm specialized in steel buildings design and construction for over 20 years.  “I was excited, yet, skeptical when Global Resources crossed my path. To realize that my dreams and goals were obtainable, systematically, reasonably, and in the timeframe needed, was almost too good to be true. I already knew the basic things that were keeping us from being a thoroughly professional company, operating at the top of our market, but I didn’t know how to make the needed changes.”


From the very first meeting with his Global Resources analyst and consultant, “my skepticism began to dissolve.  As our consultant outlined his plan to achieve the goals in obtainable, reasonable steps, my reservations became a full realization that ‘YES, WE CAN!!!’

My excitement and commitment continued to grow as our consultant taught the team and me the difference between markup and margin, the importance of job costing, financial reporting and knowing our bid/win ratio.

The bid master file that he set up and the reports it generates (tied in with QuickBooks) was a dream come true. Another goal that seemed insurmountable to me was setting up an incentive plan. He, in short order, had our incentive plan hierarchy planned and instituted. And, the cherry on top, is that he did it all without interrupting, interfering, or disrupting our business operations.”


“I don’t know how Consulting Services selects the consultants for a project, but you chose right for our company. I could not have selected a better individual for the task. His patience, knowledge, skills, honesty and humor were definitely a pleasure to experience. I am so thankful that GR and our consultant came into our world. They have definitely made it a better one!!!” Alvie, President