Global Resources Reviews: A Fast Paced Intro To Business


Global Resources Customer Reviews


An independent wholesale petroleum distributor, in business for 30 years, needed Global Resources to assist in setting up and implementing an exit strategy and management transition plan, allowing the owner, Jim, to retire and his son, Jeff, to successfully take over daily operations.


“Jeff has experienced a fast-paced introduction to business terminology and business concepts. He has had many conversations with our Global Resources consultant on important business issues. Probably, of greatest value were the discussions concerning the complex issue of pricing, appropriately.

With his help, we have determined several helpful items already included in our present business software (K-Systems), which we were not aware of and had never before utilized. In addition, Jeff now has a laptop computer with Microsoft Office software and many business files that our consultant set up for our use.”

Other projects completed include surveying the company’s employees, writing appropriate job descriptions for each employee and providing usable evaluation forms for measuring job performance. “Most enlightening to us, was the ‘true cost’ per employee when the hospitalization, 401(k) contribution, and bonus amounts were included with the base hourly rate.”

The GR consultant “has helped us look at our business and set goals for the future.  He has been very professional, courteous, and honest with all the officers & staff at our business.”


“This has been a worthwhile experience. We thank our consultant for his patience and for sharing his expertise.” Jim and Barbara, Owners