Global Resources Reviews: A Lifetime Resource


A client in the automotive services industry employed Global Resources to provide the equivalent of CFO services.  The client’s father, now deceased, had held this position, “Global Resources, LLC was able to deploy a team of an expert analyst and a tax strategist to immediately help us in our time of need.”


The Global Resources consultant became a part of the client’s operations for approximately a month, “replacing the functions performed by my Dad.” As CFO, the client’s father had looked out for the client’s “wellbeing from a professional and personal standpoint.”


Although the consultant was only the client’s senior by five years, the client shared that “it felt like my Dad was back helping me make better decisions based on hard facts, market knowledge and true life experience.  I honestly never thought it possible for an outsider, a non-family member, to have the interest in helping and getting things correct.

Please don’t hesitate to use my company’s experience with Global Resources as a reference if anyone is uncertain in the true value of the services you offer.  You are going to become a lifetime resource for many of our future needs,” John, Owner.