Global Resources Reviews: A Plan + Tools To Be Successful


A client in landscaping/construction, specializing in pools, ponds and water features, was made aware, by the Global Resources’ analyst’s numbers and graphs, of “just how badly the company was leaking revenue.” That was when he decided to hire GR, “I knew that something was wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what would be the solution.”


The start of the engagement focused on “further analysis of cash flows and efficiencies for us and began to show the information and principles that would take us forward.”

Then, “working closely with our consultant, I was given the financial tools to properly manage my business.”

Citing a standout deliverable, the client shared, “I am particularly pleased with the bidding tool on Excel, as this will be a better way to track bids and profit potential.  It is a much more organized method than I had, previously, and something that I have wanted for a long time.”


“We are very satisfied with the services provided by Global Resources.”

“Let me say that our consultant has been invaluable in regards to business strategies, going forward.  He had developed a detailed plan for growth, which includes the future company structure.  We will follow this blueprint.  I feel like I now have a plan, plus, the tools to be successful.”

“Thanks again for the service you have performed for my company.  I look forward to an ongoing relationship to address those ‘bumps in the road’ and also with any other services that your company offers.” Thomas, President