Global Resources Reviews: Cannot Overemphasize Our Satisfaction


The client, president of a 33 year old architectural firm, sought Global Resources assistance with financial and productivity management.  Five years ago, the client’s original partner had passed away and then two years later, the client was unavailable due to a medical issue.  The firm survived, due to the “dedication and willpower of my associates, but it was operating at a loss financially and suffering in organization, accountability and morale.”


“In just two weeks of intensive dedication, quick understanding and perception of our situation, the GR consultant has been able to help us institute a new bookkeeping program, project budgeting and tracking system; and reorient our focus towards increasing productivity and profitability.”

The client further cited his GR consultant’s “very relaxed and reassuring style and attitude.  He was very sensitive to minimizing any disruption to our ongoing operations, while he gathered the information that he needed, and to our cash flow, in terms of the timing of his service and billing structure.”


“I cannot overemphasize our satisfaction with his help and comradery.” Dan, President