Global Resources Reviews: Don’t Settle For Mediocrity


Client responsible for running a well established franchise (over 70 years) specializing in Oriental rug, carpet, tile & grout and upholstery cleaning, sought Global Resources’ assistance in developing processes to assist him in managing the growth and eventual expansion of the business.


“The GR consultant has helped our company by offering solutions for organizational structure, qualifying individuals for positions in our company, producing customized tools that reveal clarity for decision making, which helps management make sound decisions when it comes time to grow and expand the company.  He also helped set up tangible goals for the company to work on and achieve as a team, showed us how to hire the right people for our company and much more!”

The qualities that stood out for this client included the consultant’s “wisdom, past experiences, and his unwavering personal passion for continuous improvement and success.”

One trait especially was apparent, “if you are sick of your business settling for mediocrity, have a one hour meeting with our GR consultant and I know you will notice his passion for helping others see the light.  When you decide to bring him into your company, be prepared to buckle up!  He will immediately start working on a pathway, which will forever change the way that you do business.”


As the GM, “I had the ultimate joy of working with our consultant more closely than others in our company.  In the limited amount of time that he was here, he changed my life.  He receives my highest level of recommendation for consulting any small business owner that may be ready to make amazing changes to their personal and professional life!” Josh, General Manager