Global Resources Reviews: Highly Recommend For Realistic, Honest Feedback, Encouragement and Hope


Global Resources was engaged to survey a manufacturer in the hardwood industry for operational improvements.


The Global Resources consultant hit the ground running, she “grasped our very complex organization surprisingly quickly and was able to give us realistic ideas on how to balance our budget, how to use our financial information to make decisions, and needed organizational changes to improve our management structure.” Additionally, she made numerous recommendations for improving the client’s marketing and sales programs, suggestions on how to better cost their products, as well as providing customized financial analysis tools.  “She was far from just a ‘bean counter,’ but was a counselor and sounding board regarding the challenges that we are facing.”


The experience was one that our client would highly recommend to any company needing, “not only dollar and sense financial guidance, but realistic, honest feedback, encouragement and hope.  She was very compassionate regarding the tough decisions that sometimes have to be made in today’s business world.” Mark, Vice-President