Global Resources Reviews: I, Personally, Have Grown


A plumbing company retained Global Resources for a corporate restructuring project, a challenge, since “our group is definitely a tough nut to crack.”


Their Global Resources consultant “was relentless in working with everyone to have the proper weekly and monthly reporting, in place.  This reporting has yielded a better view of daily trends.  Since we’re functioning off such a tight budget, at the moment, we needed a different view to zero in on the areas lacking cost control.  Although, we had to work a bit harder, in the first couple of months after the controls were established, we can see the improvements in lower costs in the field.

During this journey, office morale has improved.  We are functioning better as a team.  There is less defensiveness and more understanding that we all make mistakes.  We just need to learn from our mistakes and move forward.  I truly feel that this improvement was essential for the success of all of our employees, as individuals, and for the survival of the company.

I, personally, have grown in this situation.  I have some new tools to look at statistics.  I have learned that some of my own assessments were not too far off.  I just required a bad guy to deliver the message in a more digestive form.”


The client concludes, “We have come a long way from each employee protecting their departmental functions.” Employees now have a greater clarity about their roles in driving results.  “The most important aspect of this whole process is showing our employees that the company is a viable entity.  We are not ready to give up the ship!  We greatly appreciate having our Global Resources consultant help to facilitate this ship sailing in better waters!” Mary, Controller