Global Resources Reviews: Motivated To Become Better


Global Resources’ assistance was required by a client providing drywall contracting services in order to take the company to the next stage of its development.


It was total immersion as the Global Resources consultant taught everything from budget planning to production performance to the amount of sales needed to make a profit.  “Gross margin and key indicators were all new to me.  Part of me wonders how we have survived up until now!  All of these things should help us to move our company to a new level that will be a legacy for our children to continue.”

Numerous spreadsheets were prepared to provide an operational dashboard to manage the company.  “I think what we have done during the two weeks that our consultant was here with us has been amazing.  If I had a complaint it might be that the abundance of information, in such a short period of time, has made my head spin!  But, I hope we can all remember and implement all that needs to be done.”

The client concluded that she was thankful that our consultant would be available to be contacted “when I cannot remember how to do something!”


Besides smoother operations, the consultant helped to define everyone’s role within the company.  “As you know, this has been a struggle for us and, now, there seems to be a much clearer understanding.

I think that you have motivated us all to become better at what we do!” Lee, Co-owner