Global Resources Reviews: Now A Cohesive Team With One Common Vision & A Strategy For The Future


Client in the commercial printing industry for nearly 40 years confided that bringing in Global Resources had been one of the scariest and most risky decisions that he ever made, but “if I had not made this decision, there is no doubt in my mind that the company would be out of business.”


Through working together to address the challenges facing the company, the Global Resources’ consultant, management and staff realized the importance for the business to evolve from a job shop into a full service, solutions orientated professional printing organization.  “We transformed from a motley crew of highly skilled and talented individuals with no organizational focus to a cohesive team with one common vision and a strategy for the future.”


The company now has functional and organized operations including job definitions, job descriptions, standard operating procedures, and work flow process maps, all of which increase accountability and effectiveness.  “I have learned the value of cash flow, timely invoicing and managing accounts receivable and that this part of the business is just as important as making sales.”

Another worthwhile lesson was how to “manage a company from a personal and psychological vantage point and to avoid being bogged down in the details of the operation.  I have learned to adjust my thinking to focus on the big picture.”

The client concludes, “not only am I now on the road to achieving the goals that I hoped to achieve, but I have learned transferable skills that I can take with me beyond this consulting engagement.” Greg, General Manager