Global Resources Reviews: Received Hands-on Instruction


Owners of a freight shipping and trucking company called in Global Resources to change the status quo (which had evolved over their ten years in business), of which, they were highly dissatisfied.  “Our books were a mess and we were struggling to get a grip on our employees.  There was no light in the tunnel, let alone, at the end of the tunnel.”


The Global Resources consultant fit right in, providing “hands-on instruction” regarding ownership, restructuring bank relationships, employment management, and accounting, “showing us how we could obtain information and control like we’d never before imagined.”

Their consultant taught the management team to think out of the box, reminding them of things that they already knew, “but put them in such a way that we could apply them to our day-to-day life.”

“We got the whole ball of wax.”


“We now have a better understanding of the entire business and now have goals and achievable dreams, because of the knowledge that we have gained.  The Value added to our company is immense.” Von, President