Global Resources Reviews: Retirement Is Finally Feasible

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners


A wholesale grocery supplier contracted with Global Resources for a business enhancement project with one major objective—a viable exit plan.

“If someone told me 22 years ago that the business I started, at the time, would survive and become what it is today, I probably would have laughed.  I consider luck, opportunity, strategy, along with working hard and being focused, as the factors that have contributed to what we are now.

I value this success, dearly, and my wish of having the management team to be able to run the business, after my retirement, has always been on my priority list.

I realized the importance of setting up this organization properly is the key to reaching this ambition.  This is the reason that I decided to engage business consulting professionals, so that they’ll give us an honest evaluation of the good and the bad that we’ve been doing and provide us with direction.”


The Global Resources consultant’s “knowledge in business management, finance and accounting was vast and his analytical skills were right on target.  He pointed out the strength and weakness of our present situation and made some good maps for us to install a functional management system to increase sales as well as control costs.  His suggestions supported my commitment to putting this company on the right path to reach my goal.”


“It was a pleasant experience working with our GR consultant during this project.  With his advice, we will definitely reach that goal, effectively.  I will not hesitate to seek his counsel, again, when my business is ready to go to another level.” Wally, President