Global Resources Reviews: Solar Start-Up, Needed Business Guidance

Global Resources provided business consulting services to this energy industry client.


This energy company “was a place where we were all working very hard and getting nowhere.  A lot of work was being done, but we weren’t making enough money to keep our head above water, financially speaking.  We are all very smart people with an idea that we should be able to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the solar industry to make a profitable company.  We know solar, but we just couldn’t seem to make all the pieces come together.  We lacked focus and business experience.”

“As a last resort, I hired the team from Global Resources, LLC.  I needed a fresh set of eyes with business experience to analyze our situation and see if we could even make a go of it.”


“Global Resources, LLC came in and reviewed our company from the inside out.  Our business consultant immediately started isolating the weak points in the company and making recommendations for improvement.  He showed me how to analyze the data that we were already collecting and how to prioritize my situation.”

Their consultant was able to pin point the critical path operations that were hindering the client’s ability to manage Cash Flow and to find the inefficiencies that were costing the company.  He worked with the client to then develop a comprehensive business plan.

Additionally, “he has given us the basis for a company reporting system that allows me to know, in a few minutes, how everyone in the company is doing and keeps them accountable to standards of performance required to maintain corporate profitability (as well as allowing individuals to see how their performance is over time).”


“I find that I am far more knowledgeable about my company and how it is performing and how it needs to perform.  I can look forward to a period of growth with control and profitability.” Bryan, Vice President Operations