Global Resources Reviews: Stopped Every Leak!


The client, from a full-service roofing and gutter contracting firm, was no stranger to business consulting services as he’d had a very positive experience, in the past, which had helped his previous company reach $28 million in a year.  Global Resources, however, surpassed his expectations with the team’s thorough attention to every detail of his operations.  “I wanted my executives to really start thinking and behaving like executives.  NOT only did Global Resources achieve this for me, but GR backed it up with actual tools that enhance every aspect of a profitably operating company.”


The Global Resources consultant was “a consummate professional CEO/CFO-level executive, also one of the most gracious human beings alive.  He was very calm and extremely effective.  In short order, he gained agreement across the entire management team.  He created the best work environment that I have ever seen.”

In one of the more notable projects, QuickBooks was structured and set up so that the data generated could assist management. “With this information, we can make very good decisions to forward our company’s mission and it makes running the company a thrill rather than a chore.”

Additionally, the consultant “developed a user-friendly pricing and bid spreadsheet, giving production all that they need to execute the job; for the first time in history, codifying the prices of everything that we do. Found all the leaks in the ship, every leak!”


“He took this company from crisis management style to a company that can see problems way out into the future.

We now have plenty of time to correct the situation and to steer clear of any problems in sales, production, treasury, and quoting control.”

“Already payments are coming faster and bright ideas are commonplace.  All our management is on the same page and knowledgeable about their future.  Guessing is gone.  Sales are much higher for this period and, yes, I am more than satisfied with what your company did for ours.” Edward, CEO