Global Resources Reviews: Tackling The Challenge Of Change


A commercial flooring contractor engaged Global Resources for a business practices consultation.  “In looking back through fifteen years of operating as a commercial floor covering company and seeing our many short-comings throughout those years, I am amazed that we are still in business.”


Their Global Resources consultant “has been a patient teacher and mentor during his time with us, maintaining a pleasant and cooperative demeanor and attitude throughout our time together, even during periods when frustration and anger came to the forefront from challenged employees.

Change is a challenging event in itself, at times, and he has handled himself very well.”

Among the deliverables that their consultant facilitated were upgrades to the existing accounting system, Internet and email as well as developing a series of value practices to use as a reference, going forward.


“The value practices, which he adapted to address our business practices, are already showing benefits.  One of our estimators/project managers encountered a situation, which he remembered being covered in the individual value practices, sought them out for information and assistance, and successfully resolved his issue.  I expect this binder of value practices to become ‘dog-eared’ from use.”

The client also had warm words for their consultant’s work ethic and style, calling him a “hard-working, knowledgeable, and educated man,” who “knows how to handle people of all personalities.  We will miss him, but like fledging birds leaving the nest, we must learn to fly on our own, plus we also know that we have his telephone number and we can reach out and touch him with any issues that we encounter.”

The client shared that a real friendship had developed with their consultant, “who has impacted our lives (in a good way) and is an asset of unlimited knowledge and goodwill for Global Resources.” Paula, President