Global Resources Reviews: We’re Looking Forward To A Successful 2014!


The owner of a well established auto repair company had reached a turning point due to the recession, “I’ve been running a lean crew and pretty much have been working ‘in’ the business, instead of ‘on’ it.  I’ve been so stressed that I’ve been considering selling my business, but I know that takes time, and that we would obtain a better price if we were more profitable.” When approached by Global Resources, at this critical juncture, the client decided to sign up for the strategic planning, business evaluation and tax planning program.


Client was knowledgeable about business management, “Over the years, we’ve participated in many seminars and workshops and even elaborate coaching programs to help us improve our business,” but had “fallen off with analyzing our numbers and following a plan.”

The Global Resources analyst, given a shout out for her “straightforward, but caring approach,” spent two days looking at the business numbers and processes and showed the client how our services could assist the client in attaining their goals in an accelerated manner.  The Global Resources consultant then hit the ground running, helping the client “create an aggressive and comprehensive, but realistic strategic plan for us to follow over the next 16 months.”

Additionally, their consultant reviewed previous marketing efforts and assisted in jumpstarting the new strategic plan by calling on lost customers and meeting with key vendors before leaving.  “With her help, we’ve created in three weeks what would have taken months with other workshops and programs.”


“She’s been a great listener and coach and I do look forward to reviewing and revising our strategic plan with her over the next year… We’re looking forward to a successful 2014!” Kristine, CEO