Global Resources Reviews: We Weren’t Ready To Let Go


A communications & networking equipment distributer and reseller contracted with Global Resources to improve their operating methods.  Primary goals were to “improve our tax position, gain control over our job costing and develop an incentive plan for employees.”


Their Global Resources consultant, “quickly met one-on-one with many of our employees.  He put them at ease while skillfully extracting key information about their roles and how they perceived themselves and the company.  He used this data to make recommendations.  It is always interesting to have a third party both confirm some issues and reveal others.”

When the end of the originally contracted time arrived and all of the goals were met as well as several new ones started, the partners of the firm enlarged the project. “We felt that we weren’t ready to let go of the process, so that we decided to extend for several more weeks.”


“We see many significant improvements.  Our Average Days Outstanding has been cut on half, we have an employee incentive plan defined and we have researched and selected a new manufacturing ERP system.  Additionally, we have begun corporate tax restructuring, we have actual budgets and, through new performance metrics, our employees now clearly know what is expected of them on a daily basis.

Our consultant showed a passion for our company that was remarkable.  After he left, people approached me and made remarks such as ‘I’m going to miss him,’ and, ‘I feel like we just lost an employee.’  A better compliment escapes me.

It was a privilege to work with him.” Ryan, Partner