Global Resources LLC Reviews: What I Received Exceeded My Expectations


Before Global Resources entered the picture, a client in the commercial construction industry had become discouraged with his business and found that he was “just going through the motions.” He felt as if he was only buying himself a job and that he would have achieved nothing in the end.  “I was not providing leadership for my employees.  The overall morale was low, while stress was high.” The client’s controller of seven years had just recently given his two week notice.


“My expectations were that I would spend a few days with someone and be given a business plan and procedures to help improve my business.  What I received over the next nine weeks was so much more.  I was taught about finance, business models, tax strategies, leadership and more.  I was assisted in finding two very skilled employees, set up an incentive program for my employees and given many tools to use to make my company become more profitable.”


“The unexpected asset that I received was the personal growth that came from this experience.” This was in addition to the close relationship that developed between the client and his consultants, “I feel that they truly care about my business and me.  I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with their business, or questioning why they are taking the risk with little reward, to consider contacting Global Resources,” Stewart, Owner.