Global Resources Reviews: What We Needed


Global Resources was brought in by a client that had specialized in truck and trailer repair services for over twenty years in order to access their operations and “actually put systems in place to realize change.”


First, their GR analyst conducted a deep dive in the corporate books.  He “identified a huge revenue hole the first day or two that he was here.  This was a giant find and we immediately implemented a change in calculating gross margin on our parts.” Next, their GR consultant spent two weeks working “diligently every day to identify issues and to design a remedy.” The client further noted that, due to excellent communication skills and fleet industry expertise, he was able to work closely with employees and generate positive results.


The Global Resources’ team has “been professional, friendly and knowledgeable in every aspect of business.  The daily hands-on-attention has been what we needed… The process has gone smoothly and I have seen the benefit of how each person had strengths in the job that they were sent here to provide.”

“I, personally, have learned a lot about our systems, how to manage as well as accounting principles, sales, marketing…and more!  It has been a lot to take in, while still running the day-to-day operations, but this has been exactly what our business required.  I wish that we would have done this years ago!” Tami, Owner