Global Resources Reviews: Worth Every Penny


A manufacturer and distributor in the construction industry, after a period of growth and expansion, sought Global Resources’ assistance with the problem of employee accountability.  “I had no way to measure staff performance; there were no job descriptions.  I knew that I had too many employees at my production level, but I could not figure out what ‘seat on the bus’ everybody should occupy.”

The client expressed frustration that while he and wife were showing up each day to work, all their employees seemed to be getting paid “to just hang out.” As the management team, they had grown tired, as that saying goes, of “living over the store.”

“Moving forward, we accepted that we needed professional help.”


Their consultant arrived “and when I say went to work, I mean he went to work.” He “absorbed my company’s problems so quickly, that within one week, I began seeing results.”

The Global Resources consultant went to each individual employee and assigned them the task of writing down what duties and responsibilities that they thought their job entailed.  Based on the employee feedback, he crafted formal job descriptions, which all the employees then signed off on (certain employees also had to sign a no-compete).

Having laid the groundwork, the consultant implemented a chart of ‘Key Performance Indicators.’ This included scheduling weekly staff meetings where everyone, “including myself and my wife,” would present the results of the performance indicators that they had been assigned.


“When you have to get up in front of your peers, you are either going to produce or feel the shame.  It was like overnight that I started to feel a real change in the staff and the working environment.” The consultant also provided the “professional etiquette” that made the dismissal of an unproductive employee go smoothly.

“There are so many more attributes to mention about what our consultant did for our business and our family,” some other projects included setting up a five-year business mapping plan (for further expansion) as well as an overhaul of both the business and the owners’ personal tax strategies which will result in considerable tax savings, “but this was the most significant, because my problems were the most severe in this area.”

“I finally had accountability, inefficiencies dropped off, profits increased, and most importantly, my wife and I finally had our lives return back to normal—where we could do things together on the weekends and not have to work.” William, Owner