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Global Resources Client Review


The client was a family business involved in the manufacture of a specialty food product.  Global Resources was brought in to improve operations via the professional development of the GM and his management team.


“We are a family company with many members throughout the company.  This makes change very difficult and stressful for some.  The Global Resources consultant was able to share his knowledge and understanding of how change happens and ‘here is how it has been resolved’ based on other situations that he had been involved in.

During our weekly meetings, we developed plans and schedules to lessen the stress and complete major projects.  He also gave us the tools to be able to continue on this path with the new management team that he helped to implement.  The tools and training have also strengthened our team.  They have learned so much that they are very motivated with this new knowledge and confidence.

He also provided tools and systems for me as a GM.  He customized these tools to my management style and my needs, so that I’m able to compile all the information needed to run a profitable company.

I am a little controlling, in the sense that, at our company, if I did not do it, it wasn’t being done right.  This stemmed from past problems with ex-employees who did not perform to their job descriptions.  Having the consultant training the team around me, while I continued working on everyday work, helped me let go and acknowledge that progress could be made when I was not 100% involved (as I would have been in the past).”


“Our consultant was a great fit for our team and crew.  They all enjoyed his presence and involvement, here.” The client further expressed that being able to delegate some of his responsibilities was the benefit that he viewed as “the most impressive and most valuable to me.  It was my ultimate goal for our company.  Too much was lost, before, with not being able to juggle all the jobs, and I lost sight of the important things.” Marc, General Manager