Holiday Marketing Opportunities – It’s Not Just Black Friday!

Baynote, a provider of customer personalization solutions for multi-channel retailers, produced an insightful infographic on holiday spending to showcase the prime opportunities for businesses to capture seasonal sales via their marketing campaigns.

There are numerous retailers that can benefit from these holidays with product categories that range from greeting cards, flowers, candy, groceries, jewelry, electronics, to themed clothing and décor.  Restaurants, gas stations, airlines, hotels and other transportation and travel-related vendors can also see the positive impact of these holidays.

There are Sales Generating Holidays to Tap All-Year-Long!

While many businesses prepare for the powerhouse gift shopping that traditionally occurs on Thanksgiving/Black Friday ($59.1 billion) through Christmas ($579.8 billion), there are other holidays gaining momentum (if not in actual sales, then in the number of participants celebrating).

According to the infographic, other holidays of note include Mother’s Day ($20.7 billion), Valentine’s Day ($18.6 billion), Father’s Day ($13.3 billion).  For additional spending of the green also look at St. Patrick’s Day ($4.7 billion) and Halloween ($170 million).  Lastly, there are some holidays that, while they do not generate huge retail sales as the top seven, see plenty of participation (since they generally offer a day off from work and a three-day weekend, therefore, enabling travel) such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Need to Know More?

When looking at multi-channel marketing (email, direct mail, mobile, social media, video and websites), especially for the holidays, you’ll want to know what the top retailers in the industry are doing for inspirational case studies.  A great blog that covers this space would be responsys’ The Retail Email Blog.  Also worthy of checking out would be the extensive resources (white papers, webcasts, tool kits, etc.) offered by Lyris.