One Person Can Make a Difference!

Allison (center with the snazzy purple shoelaces) helps hold the survivor banner!

Global Resources rallied behind Nigel’s daughter, Allison, a survivor of cancer, as she raised funds for a cure through a ‘Relay For Life’ event that was held at the University of Maryland.  Allison was excited to share that we contributed approximately $900 of the grand total that she raised of $1,596, benefiting the American Cancer Society.



Allison talks about participating in the ‘Relay For Life.’

Allison shared her experience of being a cancer survivor.  She had been just a regular high school student, spending more time doing homework than sleeping, when she woke up one morning, thinking that she had the flu.  A doctor’s visit turned into discovering a bump on her throat.  Many tests and consultations, later, on October 27th, 2009, “the doctors told me that I had papillary thyroid cancer.”

The doctors told her not to worry and they assured her that she had the ‘good cancer.’

Allison exclaimed,“Right.  Never before had I thought of any cancer as good.  They may call it good, but I saw nothing good about the situation.”  Two weeks later, she had her thyroid removed.  Her tumor was about the size of a golf ball and the cancer had spread to the nine lymph nodes in her neck.

Allison is philosophical about cancer.  “Everything happens for a reason, because without all of the bad, the unimaginable amount of good, which I have now, would never have been a reality.”

“The important part,” says Allison, “is that I fought through those few long months and on January 8th, 2010, I was declared cancer free.”

Allison says, “Thank you, Global Resources!”

The outpouring of love and support from her family, friends, and even complete strangers, kept her going.  “You were the reason that I kept on fighting, my support system though the whole mess.  You are the inspiration.  You are my strength.”

In Allison’s own words, “Relay For Life is proof that one person can make a difference.  When all of these individual people come together, change is possible.  And with all your donations, a cure is possible.  I know I am lucky that I truly did end up with the ‘good cancer,’ because my experience with cancer was nothing when compared to others.”

“At Relay For Life,” she says, “we are here to help support those others—your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, your grandmas and grandpas, your friends.  People like me, who have been diagnosed with this life-changing disease, but who have fought and who are fighting against it.”

The goal is simple.  “Winning the battle.  Relay For Life is our way of saying, ‘Here’s to you, you’re doing great.’  So why would you want to miss out on being part of that support system?  Because trust me, every single person matters.”

Please donate to support this great cause or find a Relay For Life event to participate in around your own neighborhood!