Global Resources Reviews & Testimonials

Rick Stumme started out in the construction business as a painter before he opened up his own construction business, but he did not have the training he needed to run the business. Rick brought in our team of business experts to put in a new management system that freed up his time so he could grow the business.


Our consultants helped Doug Samuels develop a pricing strategy to improve his profitability and re-organized his delivery operation to cut his costs in half.


Check out a great Global Resources Review! This Construction Business Owner was able to move from running his business by “the seat of his pants,” to having management systems, in place, which allowed him the “freedom to grow.”

Dave Alwan made the mistake of believing that if he focused on producing a quality product he would have a successful business. But Dave didn’t know his true costs and had no way to measure all his variable costs. Dave didn’t know his numbers to make good financial decisions. What we did for Echo Valley Meats was put the systems in place to give Dave the information he needed to run his business profitably which resulted in Dave getting a deal on the hit show, “Shark Tank”.