Global Resources Reviews: Improved Corporate Operations


A family-ran electrical contracting firm, in business for four generations, decided to use Global Resources “to improve profitability from our non-construction profit centers as well as improve their overall operations.”

This included structuring the management compensations packages for these centers, along with setting realistic goals to use in comparing achievements versus expectations. A performance dashboard was also created “to compare important non-financial results to those targets in order to make course changes before issues became serious problems.”


The Global Resources consultant “worked with us to determine specific business expansion plans, define managerial accountabilities, and track results in each area.”

Information management tools and monitoring reports were developed, relative to the client’s goals within each profit center.  Once the specific promotional targets were established, the new system would tally sales activity and then allow the employees responsible for obtaining the results to be rewarded.


With an improvement plan is in place, the corporate team continues to refine their management capabilities, as recommended changes are being fully implemented.

“This work actually kept me from making a poor hiring decision, since the candidate admitted that he could not reach the targets and I would not have gotten the expected return on investment.” Emily, President