Global Resources Reviews: Made Tremendous Strides


A firm offering residential and commercial HVAC services employed Global Resources to develop their five year business plan and “help my company achieve managed and profitable growth.”


Among the projects that the Global Resources consultant implemented was “an effective new marketing plan, sales proposal, pricing matrix, profit sharing incentive plan and identified financial areas to reduce overhead.  He led my management team through new processes, so that we will be able to use these tools to produce the desired results.”

The “changes will result in smoother operations, increased residential market share, new maintenance contracts and improve our employee retention.”

Additionally, the consultant “created a very professional presentation of our business plan, which we presented to my local bank for a SBA line of credit and our application was approved.  This line of credit will provide my company with the working capital that it needs for future growth.”


“We have made tremendous strides during this time and I now feel confident that I have the tools that I need to manage my business and be successful.  I appreciate the Global Resources team’s combined efforts and I look forward to working with them again.” Jennifer, CEO