Global Resources Reviews: No Longer Complacent


Although it was “a struggle, at the beginning,” this client in the construction industry, brought in Global Resources to address restructuring that was needed for future growth.  “It wasn’t easy to accept that there were so many areas that could use improvement.”

“We had become quite complacent in our 62 years of conducting business in the usual manner, so to speak.”


The Global Resources’ consultants “have helped us to establish new procedures that will enable us to be much more efficient with our time, production, accounting, sales, sales management and, essentially, every aspect of doing business.”

Most impactful was developing, and “putting into motion,” a new sales plan.

“Our sales team has a new sparkle in their eyes and fire under their feet; an enthusiasm that had seemed to all but disappear with the recent decline in the economy.”


“Thanks to Global Resources, we are able to look into the future, for a change, and see that we will be here for at least another 62 years.” Jim, Vice President